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psalms today

fairy-folk. banjo-core.
My Soul Waits (130)
by Joel Anderson


The original Psalms are a collection of songs written thousands of years ago. They are a diverse collection of poetic lyrics which cover many of the facets of human life as the ancients saw it. The collection was completed by 200 BC or earlier.

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This site features songs written by Joel Anderson. The songs are adaptations of the psalms. Joel is an amatuer singer/songwriter who plays guitar and djembe. The psalms here were recorded with the help of Jonathan Anderson at Protection Island in Maple Ridge.


Lyrics, vocals, djembe and guitar by Joel Anderson
Female vocals by Natasha Krause (119, 147)
and Olivia Klassen (42, 130)
Cello: Brian Chan
Banjo: Jonathan Anderson

Psalms was recorded at Protection Island Studios,
Jordan Klassen's studio and Joel Anderson's home
Psalms (111, 42, 130, 147) were mixed and mastered by
Jonathan Anderson from www.protectionis.land
All additional instruments were added by Jonathan Anderson