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New album released Jan 2018



The adapted songs in this album are contemporary folk rock versions of the ancient songs. Included in this collection are songs of celebration and songs of lament.

released Jan 17, 2018

Lyrics, vocals and djembe by Joel Anderson
Female vocals by Wendy Muth (69), Natasha Krause (147) and Olivia Klassen (42, 130)
Cello: Brian Chan

Dreams was recorded at Protection Island, Jordan Klassen's studio and Joel Anderson's home
Jordan Klassen produced Psalm 119.

All songs except 119 were mixed and mastered by Jonathan Anderson from All additional instruments were added by Jonathan Anderson


The original Psalms are a collection of songs written thousands of years ago. They basically form the hymnbook of ancient Israel. The original collection of Psalms included 150 songs which were composed at various stages throughout Israel's history. The collection was completed by 200 BC or earlier. It features both celebration songs and laments.
As a group of songs, the Psalms are quite different from contemporary Christian worship songs. Most Psalms don't fit easily into contemporary song structure formats (verse, chorus, verse). Yet the Psalms are Biblically deep in a way that is subversive of pop culture. The Psalms also feature many lament songs which radically depart from the "making people happy" motive that is at work in most congregations.


Featuring 10 new songs by Joel Anderson and friends. In this album are contemporary folk rock versions of the Hebrew Psalms. Songs of celebration and songs of lament.

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Dreams Album: January 2018