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Yahveh Rebuilds - Psalm 147
by Joel Anderson
Ten years ago I was reading an old book and the author recommended singing the Psalms; making up music for them or chanting them for private use. His reason was that the psalms have unsurpassed lyrics which make sense of life. They are very useful for spiritual formation. They are naturally suited to music and have been successfully sung by thousands of ancient Israelites. The challenge was to find the right music for them.

Being an amateur musician, I can only say that these songs have worked for me and a few friends. They are middle of the line compositions. They existed as adapted lyrics and chords until it occurred to me to employ some talented local musicians to make recordings.

Most of the recorded versions were mixed and mastered by Jonathan Anderson at Protection Island Studio. You can listen to the full album or buy it on Bandcamp

Joel Anderson
The role of good art is to help us lament and celebrate.
-N.T. Wright