by Joel Anderson

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Melody Vanier
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Melody Vanier Joel's heartfelt deep voice, the layers of harmonies, multiple instruments per track and modern interpretations of the psalms - all contribute to make this album a powerful and enjoyable listening experience. Can't wait to hear more from this artist. Keep up the good work ;-) Favorite track: To the End (Psalm 111).
mt thumbnail
mt A really heart felt anthem. Joel sings with heart and with soul. Definitely worth a listen. Favorite track: Yahveh Rebuilds (Psalm 147).
Emma Wolgram
Emma Wolgram thumbnail
Emma Wolgram Love this track! There's so much depth and a feeling of inspiration that I get when I listen to it. Favorite track: Yahveh Rebuilds (Psalm 147).
Jordan Bentall
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Jordan Bentall I love this song! Like the psalm it's based on, it's a real faith-builder, declaring that God will one day gather all of earth's outcasts, lift up the weak and right all wrongs. The song's beautiful tune and rich words are a tonic to the soul. Favorite track: Yahveh Rebuilds (Psalm 147).
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The original Psalms are a collection of songs written thousands of years ago. They are a diverse collection of poetic lyrics which cover many of the facets of human life as the ancients saw it.

The original collection of Psalms included 150 songs which were composed at various stages throughout Israel's history. The collection was completed by 200 BC or earlier.

The adapted songs in this album are contemporary folk rock versions of the ancient songs. Included in this collection are songs of celebration and songs of lament.


released January 31, 2017

Lyrics, vocals, djembe and guitar by Joel Anderson
Female vocals by Natasha Krause (147)
and Olivia Klassen (42, 130)
Cello: Brian Chan
Banjo: Jonathan Anderson

Psalms was recorded at Protection Island Studios, Jordan Klassen's studio and Joel Anderson's home

Psalms (111, 42, 130, 147) were mixed and mastered by Jonathan Anderson from All additional instruments were added by Jonathan Anderson

Yahveh Rebuilds (147) was produced by Jonathan Anderson



all rights reserved


Psalms Today Vancouver, British Columbia

Psalms Today is all about re-imagining and living in the songs that Jesus sang―the ancient Psalms. Collaborators include: Joel Anderson, Mark and Cathy Anderson and a few others.

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Track Name: To the End (Psalm 111)
Praise Yahveh
I will thank the Lord
With all of my heart
With the people of God
In the midst of his court

Great are the works of the Lord
Full of honor and majesty
His works are studied by those enthralled
By the cosmic dance, and symmetry

The earth has seen God's wonders
And the mighty floods clap their hands
To the end his grace endures
Covenant love and mercy stand

God sent redemption to his people
He commanded his covenant
His holy laws lead to freedom
His commands are sustenance

Reverence for Yahveh
Is where wisdom starts
Reverence for Yahveh
Teaches the heart

His praise endures forever
His praise endures forever
Track Name: As the Deer (Psalm 42)
As the deer longs for flowing streams so my soul longs for you O God
I thirst for God, my soul, all my soul thirsts for God
How long? How long O Lord? till we see your face?
My tears have been my food while people say, "where is your God?"

My soul is cast down so I remember my God and the people of God
How we went with the joyful crowd and sang to the Lord, to the house of God
With glad shouts and songs of praise, with drums and dance to praise the Lord
My soul is cast down. O why have you forgotten me, Lord?

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God for I will praise him again
He is my help and my rock

My soul is cast down so I remember you God from the Holy Land
Land of Jordan and Lebanon and the gardens of Israel
Deep calls to deep. Your thunder and water have gone over me.
The Lord commands his steadfast love by day.
At night his song is with us, a prayer to Yahveh.

I say to God my rock, "why have you forgotten me, Lord?"
How long? How long O Lord, will the enemy opress my soul?
How long will the enemy taunt while my wounds drag me down?
Every day they keep on saying to me, "where is your God?"
Track Name: My Soul Waits (Psalm 130)
Help me Lord, I cry to you
O Lord hear my prayers
Remember me, O my God
Let my voice be in your ears

My God, my God, I'm a sinful soul
Among a broken people of faith
What do you see in our broken hearts?
Will you forgive? Will you save?

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits
And in his word I trust
I wait for the Lord to see his face
And in his word I trust
More than those who watch for the morning
More than those who watch for the morning

Israel, Israel, hope in the Lord
For his love never quits
And with him is great power to save
He will redeem his people from their sins
Track Name: Yahveh Rebuilds (Psalm 147)
Praise Yahveh, praise Yahveh
How good it is to sing our God's praise
He is lion-hearted and good, He is full of love and power
Our God saves, our God saves

Yahveh rebuilds; He rebuilds Jerusalem
Yahveh gathers; gathers the outcasts of the world
He heals the broken hearts; he binds up their wounds
Yahveh binds; Yahveh binds up their wounds

Great is our Lord and great is His power
Great is His wisdom, deep and very sure
He determines the number of all the shining stars
Yahveh gives; Yahveh gives them all their names
Our God lifts up the weak
And casts the wicked to the ground
Our God saves, our God saves

Praise the Lord O Daughter of Zion
Praise Him all you shining stars
For He strengthens your gates
And He blesses your children
He sends his command to the earth
His word runs swiftly

He gives snow like wool
He scatters frost like ashes
He hurls down hail like crumbs
Who can stand before His cold?
He sends His word and melts them
He makes His wind blow and the waters flow
Yahveh declares; Yahveh declares His word to Jacob
He gives his law; He gives his judgments to Israel
For the Lord takes pleasure in his people
In all who serve him
As for the wicked, they will not,
They will not see his face
Praise Yahveh
Praise Yahveh